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Your Guide to Selling

With approximately six auctions per year, we are always looking for good art work to sell. We can assist with consigning estates, dispersals, and personal and corporate art collections. If you have something you think we may be interested in, please give us a call at our office for a free and confidential consultation.

How to get an Estimate

Curious on what your artwork may be worth at auction?
Contact us for complimentary and confidential on any artwork you are thinking of selling.

Give us a call at 403-541-9099 or email us at mail@levisauctions.com with the following information:

  • Artist name
  • Title (if there is one)
  • Medium
  • Dimensions (of the artwork not the frame if there is one)
  • Image
  • Any additional information you have (where did you get it, labels on the frame, etc.)

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can with our estimates and/or suggestions.

Standard Commission Rates

  • 10% for lots selling for $2,500 or more
  • 20% for lots selling between $500 and $2,499
  • 30% for lots selling for under $500

In our standard consignment contract there is a reserve bid fee of 5% of the reserve price (minimum charge of $150).

If you give us a reserve that we feel is reasonable, we can waive the reserve bid fee and you would not be charged anything if you consigned a piece and it did not sell.

This choice is made by us on a case by case basis.

As a consignor you are responsible for the reserve fee and shipping to/from our office.

At no additional expense
Our Service Includes

LEVIS includes in our service, at no additional expense, the following services:

  • catalogue and website publishing costs
  • marketing/advertising
  • cataloguing
  • photography expenses
  • insurance at the low end of the estimate once item is on site

Standard Contact

All sellers must sign our standard contract.

View Standard Contract

Wanted Works

LEVIS is interested in art work from the following artists:

  • Andrews, Sybil
  • Bates, Maxwell
  • Beatty, J. W.
  • Bell-Smith, Frederic
  • Bergman, Eric
  • Biel, Charlie A.
  • Bieler, Andre
  • Binning, B. C.
  • Blackwood, David Lloyd
  • Bobak, Bruno
  • Bobak, Molly Lamb
  • Bolduc, David
  • Borduas, Paul-Emile
  • Boyer, Bob
  • Breanski [Jr.], Alfred de
  • Brooker, Bertram
  • Brown, Annora
  • Browne, Belmore
  • Brownell, Peleg Franklin
  • Bush, John [Jack] Hamilton
  • Carmichael, Franklin
  • Carr, Emily
  • Casson, A. J.
  • Ciccimarra, Richard
  • Collier, Alan
  • Colville, David A.
  • Comfort, Charles Frasier
  • Cosgrove, Stanley M.
  • Cowley, Reta
  • Crockford, Duncan MacKinnon
  • Cross, Frederick
  • Cullen, Maurice
  • Curry, Ethel Luella
  • Curtis, Edward Sheriff
  • Daudelin, Charles
  • Dupre, Julien
  • Eyre, Ivan
  • Fafard, Joseph [Joe]
  • Fitzgerald L .L.
  • Flint, William Russell
  • Fortin, Marc-Aurele de Foy
  • Fried, Pal
  • Gagnon, Clarence
  • Gissing, Roland
  • Glyde, Henry G.
  • Godwin, Ted
  • Goranson, Paul
  • Grandmaison, Nicholas de
  • Hammond, John
  • Harris, Lawren Stewart
  • Harrison, Ted
  • Hartman, John
  • Henderson, James
  • Heward, Efa Prudence
  • Holgate, Edwin
  • Hughes, E. J.
  • Hurley, Robert N.
  • Jackson, A. Y.
  • Jarvis, Donald
  • Johnston, Frank H.
  • Kane, Paul
  • Kasyn, John
  • Kenderdine, Augustus
  • Kerr, Illingworth Holey
  • Knowles, Dorothy
  • Krieghoff, Cornelius
  • Kurelek, William
  • Kiyooka, Harry
  • Kiyooka, Roy
  • Leighton, Alfred C.
  • Lemieux, Jean Paul
  • Lewis, Maud
  • Lindner, Ernest
  • Lismer, Arthur
  • Little, Geoffrey Cauthers
  • Lochhead, Kenneth
  • Loveroff, Frederick
  • MacDonald, J. E. H.
  • MacDonald, J. W. G.
  • Martin, Thomas Mower
  • Masson, Henri
  • Matthews, Marmaduke
  • May, Henrietta Mabel
  • McCarthy, Doris
  • McElcheran, William Hadd
  • Milne, David
  • Mitchell, Janet
  • Morrice, James William
  • Morrisseau, Norval
  • Mount, Rita
  • Muhlstock, Louis
  • Newcombe, William John Bertram
  • Nicoll, Marion
  • O'Brien, Lucius
  • Odjig, Daphne
  • Panabaker, Frank Shirley
  • Panko, William
  • Paquin, Pauline
  • Pepper, George
  • Pepper, Kathleen
  • Perehudoff, William
  • Phillips, Walter J.
  • Pilot, Robert
  • Plaskett, Joseph
  • Power, Cyril Edward
  • Pragnell, Bart
  • Pratt, Christopher
  • Rand, Paul
  • Reid, Bill
  • Richard, Rene
  • Riopelle, Jean-Paul
  • Roberts, Goodridge
  • Robinson, Albert Henry
  • Rogers, Otto
  • Rungius, Carl
  • Russell, Charles M.
  • Sapp, Allen
  • Scott, Charles
  • Shadbolt, Jack
  • Sheldon-Williams, I.
  • Shelton, Margaret
  • Sheriff-Scott, Adam
  • Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph
  • Smith, Gordon
  • Spickett, Ronald
  • Stevenson, W. L.
  • Suzor-Cote, Marc
  • Thomson, Tom
  • Town, Harold Barling
  • Varley, Frederick
  • Verner, Frederick
  • Warrener, Lowrie
  • Weston, William P.
  • Whyte, Catherine
  • Whyte, Peter
We Are Also Interested

LEVIS is also interested in quality pieces from the following categories: Canadian, American and International art including contemporary and historical paintings, prints, sculpture and photography.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Sonley or Andrea Lowe at our office.

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