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LEVIS Art Auctions has been offering safe and dependable art storage for over 10 years. From a single item to a complete collection, we provide a location in which you can securely store your artwork. We accommodate paintings, prints, sculpture and other valuable works.


Our facility is monitored by a major security company and is equipped with a thorough electronic and structural security system including camera and motion detectors. The building is temperature controlled, has smoke detectors and maintains a constant on-site presence. LEVIS employs professional and knowledgeable staff to handle your art properly. We have experience dealing with a number of different clients including estates, institutions, private and corporate collections. Insurance for all pieces is the responsibility of the client.

On arrival pieces will be properly catalogued in our database and digitally photographed for documentation. They will then be wrapped for safety and confidentiality before being stored. Additionally, we can provide condition reports, restoration and appraisal consultations upon request.

Calculating the
Cost of Art Storage

The costs are based on a rate of $10.00 per cubic foot per month with a minimum invoice amount of $100.00.

For larger collections, volume rates are available. Please inquire.

Storage Calculation

height x width x depth = volume (inches)
volume (inches) / 1728 = volume (feet)
volume (feet) x $10.00 = cost per month

More Information

Please contact our office to book an appointment to see our storage space or for a free comprehensive storage quote.

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